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Dr. Daniel Brubaker prescribes medical marijuana for some of the patients in his medical practice. He issues a recommendation and an ID card. He said excluding legal users of medical marijuana from buying a gun doesn’t make sense.

“I think it’s ridiculous, so, why don’t we have the question on there, ‘do you drink alcohol,’ because that stirs up a lot of anger and it leads to crazy things like people using their guns.”

Dr. Brubaker feels it’s another example of the distorted federal view of marijuana. “It’s amazing to me the medicinal value of this, and why they demonize it is just hard for me to understand.”

Now the ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco doesn’t say someone with a medical marijuana card can’t own a gun they already have. They just can’t legally buy one as long as they have a prescription for medical marijuana.

Case Reports in the use of Medicinal Cannabis.

Physicians often present cases/patients in the form of case reports in writing and at medical grand rounds at medical centers. I am providing a few interesting patients who are interesting and have success stories.

Cannabis Case Report #1: Tara H. is a 34-year-old Caucasian woman who I first saw for a cannabis recommendation in January 2014. She wanted to use cannabis legally for pain and her bipolar disorder. The patient provided a list of her medications, which included Robaxin, Dexilant, Atarax, diazepam, Norco, clonidine, NuDexta, calcitonin, Geodon, TriCor, Wellbutrin, Lipitor, calcium and vitamin D3. The patient had been on numerous narcotics including OxyContin in the past. As a result, all of her teeth decayed from the medication causing dry mouth. The patient wanted to get off her medications.

TV Station KSEE 24 Fresno Feb 4, 2010 Interview– Medical Marijuana


November 19, 2016, interviewed on Central Valley Talk by Mike Briggs

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Disclaimer: In medicine, we frequently encounter many patients who do well on a specific medication and another patient, on the same medication, same dosage, does poorly. It just happens, usually as a result of genetics.  What works for some doesn’t necessarily work for all?  I cannot guarantee every person/patient will get the same results.  It could mean either the medicine is not working for you or you may need to increase your dosage. However, as a physician, I can state that none of these products will do you any harm.